UnknownTDF - Stage 7 - Arbois

Le Château Bontemps, Arbois by  Damien Boilley , Licenced under  Creative Commons

Le Château Bontemps, Arbois by Damien Boilley, Licenced under Creative Commons

The Tour peloton leaves the Vosges mountains towards Chalon-sur-Saône for 230 Km, the longest stage of the race. Those who made a violent effort yesterday will be hoping every one of the 230 Km will be as easy as possible.

At 89.5 Km to go on today’s stage the race passes through a town in the Jura department called Arbois, a town with many ancient buildings, some dating before the 13th century. One of these old buildings is La Maison de Louis Pasteur, this being the famous biologist, microbiologist and chemist, who’s work included the discovery of early vaccines and pasteurisation. Being a long transitional stage i’m sure there will be more to come on Monsieur Pasteur during the coverage.

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