Unknown TDF - Stage 4 - Craon de Ludes

Champagne vines in Ludes by  Frédéric Baussart . Licenced under  creative commons

Champagne vines in Ludes by Frédéric Baussart. Licenced under creative commons

Stage 4 and the race goes east out of Champagne country towards Nancy. Heading out of Reims the race follows the D9 south to the Craon de Ludes, a small climb at 3 Km long averaging 4% with sections at 6-7%. Being just 8 Km into the stage its a great point for any potential breakaway to form if it hasn’t already done so. The climb is picturesque being flanked by vineyards and also passes the doorstep of two champagne houses on the climb to the summit.

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