UnknownTDF - Stage 2 - Woluwe Saint Pierre

Photo by  Franco Folini  licenced through  Creative Commons

Photo by Franco Folini licenced through Creative Commons

Stage 2 of the Tour and it’s a Team Time Trial around the streets of Brussels. After yesterday’s post highlighting race organisers aim of mastering in deception in calling hilly stages “flat”, this can’t be thrown at them here as the only rises in the road are bridges. Still, it’s a Team Time Trial and an ultimate test in suffering.

For this stage what may be Unknown before but probably won’t be after the stage is that it goes through Eddy Merckx’s home town of Woluwe Saint Pierre. Legally bilingual, but most people brought up there grew up speaking French, and this was the same for Eddy, even though he was born a few Km’s away in Flanders. One thing I always remember from William Forethrinhham’s great book on Merckx, Half Man, Half Bike was that he was a short distance away from being a Walloon and therefore known as Edward, not Eddy.

Edward Merckx, doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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