UnknownTDF - Stage 17 - Lazer

Looking towards Gap. Photo by  Pierre Metivier . Licenced through  creative commons

Looking towards Gap. Photo by Pierre Metivier. Licenced through creative commons

Last stage for non-climbers and those outside the GC to make a mark before Paris so expect a fight to get in the breakaway, and once is has gone the main peloton should let them have some fun attempting to get the stage win on the road to Gap.

If as expected a large break forms then chances are they won’t be using the obvious markers like categorised climbs to shell the weak riders and faster men. From large breaks it could be an ambush on an unknown climb or attack on a false flat into a headwind to split things up. Checking the route, something like the climb to and descent from Lazer, which will have a fierce headwind the whole way, so an area for the strongmen of the break to exploit. It’s not far from the finish so any move would need to be shut down immediately, otherwise the headwind will make it touch to stay in touch, even on the descent.