UnknownTDF - Stage 11 - Avenue de Castres

Toulouse by  Frédéric Neupont . licenced under  creative commons

Toulouse by Frédéric Neupont. licenced under creative commons

The day after a rest day and many riders will be hoping for an easy day, or at least an easy start to give the legs some time to wake up.

For Unknown Tour today the pick is a hidden climb that begins just as the race enters the central part of Toulouse, today’s finish. The climb is on Avenue de Castres and beings around 6 Km to go on the stage, although it averages 4% for 1.6 Km it has pitches up to 8%. The kind of climb that is going to make it difficult for out and out sprinters to hang on.

The wind will be blowing again today and the features of the roads around the south of France is to move in and out between the fields, so constantly changing direction. With the wind coming from the North west today teams might take the opportunity at cross/tailwind sections of which there are a few from 60 Km to go.