Unknown Tour

We are one day away from the Grand Départ of the Tour de France in Brussells and looking at the profiles of the stages, it is a brute of a course, even on the flat days, which made me think that the flat days aren’t necessarily flat. And this is something you hear pro-riders frequently comment on. The profile or one line preview in the days newspaper suggests "sprinters stage” or “flat, easy”…but look at a riders Strava upload in the evening and it is has been anything but flat, with the riders climbing 3,000 meters+ in these stages, which with 100 Km still to go would have normal cyclists crying and tossing their bike at the thought of another rise in the road.

So I thought I would cover some of this in something called “Unknown Tour”. Expect a short post to be online every morning picking out an uncategorised climb or feature along the days stage, something us the viewers typically wouldn’t pay any attention to, but the riders will feel in their legs or remember seeing. I’m hoping to bring some local knowledge and insight to the posts where possible.

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